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About us

Winner © is a Danish clothing brand founded in Copenhagen in 2024. The brand's main values are sustainability and maximum quality in each of its products.


Based In

Copenhagen 🇩🇰

We are the largest clothing startup nationwide

Our vision

We combine the most advanced technologies in the world of fashion with creative designs. Thus, we are able to create unique clothing in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Technology applied in our products

Reactive clothing

Using the latest technologies in the textile sector, we can create clothing that changes color with the application of heat, either because of a sunny day or because we have touched the clothing with our hands.

This makes wearing clothes not just an everyday necessity, but an interactive and unique experience.

3D printing technology

Example of our shoe created by 3D printing technology. Made in Germany using only recycled materials. While other brands are just beginning to use this type of technology, we already have dozens of designs and models planned and ready for production.

This type of shoe does not need lacing, as it adapts to the shape of each person's foot with daily use. On the other hand, it is also very resistant and completely washable. In the event that it is damaged, the customer can send us the shoes again for a small cost and we could recycle the shoe itself to create a completely new one.

Digital printing

Using this new printing technology, higher quality prints can be achieved instantly on most fabrics. Due to its convenience, its use is expanding within the clothing sector and we plan to make it our base printing technique.

Additionally, it is the most environmentally friendly technique, which is a fundamental factor for our company.

Innovative design studio

Our design studio has unparalleled talent in Europe.

With extensive experience in creating thousands of designs within the world of fashion, we will be able to create unique and eye-catching garments and stand out from the competition.


Meet us

Meetings are the best way to close deals. That is why we encourage any investor to meet us in-person (in Copenhagen) or through an online meeting to discuss the investment.



In our FAQ section we answer the most frequently asked questions among our interested investors.